Cijin Island

Cijin Island

To go beyond the huge seaport of Kaohsiung, take the ferry for a short ride of only 15 minutes and arrive on the island of Cijin. This small, long island allows one side to observe the ocean, and the other the bay with the entire port of Kaohsiung. The walk along the ocean is definitely worth a visit. It is not necessarily the most beautiful beach but it is a very nice place and well laid out for the walk. The goal is to start with an excursion on the lighthouse. This is indeed the highest point and from there, it allows to have a view of the whole bay and the surrounding area.

It’s a very exciting place to visit with lots to do and see. Cijin Island is reputed to be the best place to eat fresh seafood in Kaohsiung. As well as the attractions and food, the island offers a nice clean beach where the sea is lovely and warm for swimming. There is an excitement about Cijin Kaohsiung that makes it a tourist attraction worth repeating.

Some of the attractions within the island are: Tianhou Temple & Cihou, Cihou Lighthouse, Cihou Fort, Cijin Seashore Park, Windpower Park, and the YM Museum of Maritime Exploration.



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