Jokulsarlon area

Jokulsarlon area

Probably one of the best beautiful place in the world. An other treasure of Icelan, showing us how Iceland is amazing. And this site is really special.  I decided to explore the south of the country and to go until this place .  I wanted so much to explore this area and i dreamt of this few weeks before. I was like mesmerized by the photos over others websites.  So i drove from Reykjavik by the road number one in order to link the place. And just beside the road appeared suddenly the glacier with the lagoon.


So you have in one side the glacier with the lagoon and the other side the ocean with a perfect black beach. Beside the two you have a connection betwen the lagoon and the sea with a small river where you can see many small icebergs floating, heading to the ocean. You have a main parking and others smaller around the area. From there you can walk around the lagoon, along the shore until the glacier. It is a very nice walk. It is beautiful to see all these Icebergs floating one the surface of the water.

In my part i walked until the glacier, staying one hour sitting on a small hill, contemplating the place. After i walked in direction of the black beach. Perfect black sand.  We could see few seals on the ocean. And it was funny because we really had the feeling that  they observed us. Trying to make the show by many nice movements. And i’m stayed a moment on the beach, between the glacier in the second plan, the black beack, the sound of the ocean, deeply scaring with nothing at the horizon. The wind and the rain. A really shadow environment. I had the feeling to be far of everything, all the rest of the life was so far. And it was a very great feeling that i wanted to keep again.


It is a place where you can easily wander during a full day, contemplating the area, doing the turn of the lake, staying on the beach during a moment.



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