Iceland second travel

Iceland second travel

Like that, on a quick desire and at the last minute, i decided to go in Iceland for a second time again. After my travel in Norway in July and during the rest of the summer, i was like obsessed to return on this country again. So i planed my trip quickly at the last minute, booking my ticket for the airplane just two weeks before. It was just for one week and i knew already the country so it was easy for me to plan. It was at the middle of October.

The first time that i went in Iceland, i focused on the North area, the west area and Reykjavik area. So this time i wanted to explire the south, and to drive until Jokulsarlon, the perfect glacier lagoon. I wanted to see this place so much and it was one of my main attraction to return again in Iceland. It is located around 350 km form Reykjavik. Like the first time i took a rent car at Keflavik airport.

I saw the bridge between the two continents, in Reykjanes peninsula, a bridge which is between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. I stopped to try  the famous blue lagoon. I saw on the road many differents glaciers. I discovered for a second time the golden circle with these three main places of interest. Others waterfalls again. Near the village of vik, beautiful beaches of black sand, with Reynisfjara, a black  beach with amazing cliff of regular basalt columns resembling to a rocky step pyramid. I’m returned at the end to Reykjavik to wander again in the city center as i like to do.  I made a perfect hikking the last day in Esjurætur near Reykjavik. Thanks to this moutain at the pick you have a perfect view fo the city and the area.

It was honestly not the perfect week because of the terrible rainy weather. Iceland is know to have much rain and win, and to have very changing weather. But this week was almost awful. I was an exceptionnaly strong rainy week. And except the fist day which was cloudy and the last day where i had sun just few hours for the hikking, the rest of time was complicated. And after my travels i felt many regrets, regrets to not have been able to enjoy really the moment like i thought. Rain isn’t a problem for me when this stops sometimes. But there it was uninterrupted, all days and all nights. So it was not really cold, temperature turned around 7-8 degrees. Except to Jokurlarson where i had three degrees. But i would have prefered to have snowfalls.

Find an accomodation in the south is difficult. Fortunately for me it was in October so very few tourists. And even just  two weeks before i was successful to have an accomodation for the night in Guesthouse for a correct price.

But in despite of the weather i spend a very nice week because it was Iceland and Iceland is totally unique, and i had the big desire to enjoy the moment by any prices…


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