Perfect hike beside Reykjavik

Perfect hike beside Reykjavik

One of the best place for a nice hike just beside Reykjavík is to go to Mount Esja. This is a moutain that you can see from the capital beyond the bay of Reykjavik. It is located in just 30 minutes from the center by the road number one.  When you arrive It has a big parking , a restaurant but which was closed in at this moment in October, and a trail leading up to the top of Esja. The mountain is in fact a very popular place to go hiking, for tourist and inhabitants of the capital. There are several paths you can choose from, with different difficulties. I took a full half day my last to climb a part of the moutain. I was very nice because it was the only moment with sunny weather of the week si i could enjoy the moment, and i was very motivated for the walk.. And thanks to that i had the perfect light to take pictures.

The highest point of the hike is at 769 meters and on a mountain of around 914 meters. And you will have to walk around 7 km to reach this points.

A big part of the hike is in a normal difficulty until a moment and the end is difficult If you want to reach the moutain pick with the best view there is a difficult path. Sometimes dangerous. So if you plan to do this in winter with snow be very careful it will be probably not a good idea. Because you have to continue on the stone your way, following landmark to not be lost. Sometimes even you have to climb on the rocks, helping yourself with a rope to define the path.. But at the end it is very rewarding. I walked to reach this place between 2 and  3 hours and probably the half of this to go down to return to the parking. And at the end i’m stayed a little time contemplating the area, with a pleasant wind on my hair.

From there,  there is  a great  view that includes Reykjavik, the town of Mosfellsbaer and the surrounding countryside. I can just advice to make this hike.

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