Identify your road

Identify your road

When traveling, we are constantly exposed to new landmarks. Each place is different but each time, it will be necessary to find its way. Some people have a natural talent to navigate, others do not. But one thing is certain, you can optimize your way of finding yourself by techniques. The sense of orientation, it works, it is a skill that improves by using the appropriate techniques.

In the big city stay close to the metro stations

This is one of the rules to follow, especially if you do not have a constant internet connection. In large cities, to avoid getting lost, choose your accommodation near metro or tram stations. Keep a map of the network and identify where the nearest station is when you go away. By respecting this, you are sure to never lose yourself. Why? Because if you do not know where you are you simply have to go to the nearest subway station, look at the name of the station and look where you are on the map. In addition there are often maps of the network located inside. And if you want to find your accommodation? Again you know the name of the station where your accommodation is located, so you just have to take the right line to reach this station. Stay close to the network in the big cities, it is sure to find its way even without connection. I can assure you that in my first trips I neglected this aspect and I could take accommodation away from the resorts. This complicated the task each time. Over time I realized how convenient and simple it was to have accommodation next door. You can go on a trip with peace of mind.

Have a map

The other advice I give you is obviously to have a card with you. Whether you have internet or you do not have internet a paper card is always useful, convenient, and will not take up space in your backpack. By simple precaution have a card on you. Just lose your phone or no battery, or have no connection, and the card can become a valuable tool.

Have an internet connection

Whether with a SIM card or with a wifi pass. If you have internet everywhere you go you can obviously use GPS. Only disadvantage, you will very quickly exhaust your battery.

Use Google Maps offline

If you have not done so already, I strongly recommend that you download the Google Maps app to your phone before you travel. If it is not always easy to access the Internet abroad, be aware that Google Maps is available offline. You can first download a plan that you then use offline. So you can geolocate and have access to the map of the city or neighborhood that you visit, even without being connected to the Internet. And it’s totally free.

Identify yourself with remarkable points

The other tip I can give you is to spot you with points
remarkable. When you are at a place, you often have remarkable points. In town it can be a tower, it can be a train station, it can be a row of big building and so on. In the countryside this can be a lake, a river, a hill, a stretch etc … You can have a glimpse of your location using the remarkable points.

Take height

Getting high is the best way to get an overview of our position. This is not always possible of course. But if you are not sure where you are, look to see if you can get high enough to get an overview.

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