Tamsui Area

Tamsui Area

Located at the northern tip of Taiwan, Tamsui is located 40 minutes from Taipei by MRT and very accessible as a day trip, especially with locals during the weekend. Home to a variety of western colonial, Japanese, southern Fujianese, and native Taiwanese cultural and architectural attractions, Tamsui is a must visit for all visitors to Taipei area. Tamsui is home to a large array of restaurants, cafes, shops, hawker stalls, street performers, traditional cultural performances and Taiwan’s scenic North Coast.

It is definitely one of the most beautiful spots for a big city that I could see. There is a walk of about 2 to 3 km to do along the coast. The view of the bay is beautiful. At the end of this walk, we arrive at the fishing village. A,n other amazing thing and surprise from Taiwan.

Here, you will see “Lovers’ Bridge” from far away. At one end of the bridge, a curved giant pointed arch from the water towards the sky. The surface of the bridge is always changing colors in the reflection of light. The shopping street and street art are filled with all sorts of creative memories. And as the sun sets, the beautiful gradation of colors in the sky puts a final touch to an unforgettable time in Tamsui.

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