Da Nang Vietnam

Da Nang Vietnam

After almost 2 months staying quietly in Thailand without really moving, I arrived at the end of my Visa Tourist and I had to leave the country. The opportunity of a week-long trip to Vietnam in the city of Da Nang, my first experience of Vietnam. It was therefore interesting to see another type of country in a voice of development.

I did not have the opportunity to see a lot of things in a week but I could have a glimpse. Knowing how busy the cities are and the mind-blowing traffic in the cities, I wanted to avoid Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.

My first impressions are that the traffic is all just a horror and chaotic, with scooters in every direction and a noise in the huge streets because of that. Almost impossible to cross a street normally without having to slalom between cars and scooters. For the rest, we find all the specificities of the South East Asian countries as well as night markets, street restaurants, cafes, street vendors, taxi drivers.

I was impressed by the number of coffee, a lot of chain as well as very original style cafes with often a floor. All for a low price. Vietnam is cheaper than Thailand, whether for coffee or for housing. We can really live there for a very low price. On the other hand there is no chain of small supermarket like 7Eleven. So no shop to eat late at night or night as found in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand … Some small groceries to choose very small and seeming really old. There is very little shopping center. Difficult to move too. Indeed the only public transport is the bus and after the experience of the bus in Vietnam, it is not very pleasant. Impossible to know the price of a ticket, so we peace the price of a western tourist ticket depending on the person, no stop defined as having to almost jump from the bus to go out.

I really enjoyed the cafes, huge choice for quality drinks at a low price. The beach of Da Nang is also very pretty. Ideal for a day trip or evening. I also chose this city in Vietnam to be next to the ocean. One of the other specificities and that the city center is separated from the tourist town part of the coast by three bridges that are illuminated each night.
One of them has a metal architecture and represents a dragon on a few hundred meters.

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