Campsite in Norway

Campsite in Norway

In summer Norway is probably one of the best country to camp and again more in the north of Norway. Al ready Norway is a very expensive country, one of the more expensive in the world. So with my poor french salary at this moment, i didn’t hav a real purchasing power in the country. So for the accomodation it was a  great choice to camp in order to not spend to much money. And again the price of a place in a campsite can be a little expensive. After it is totally legal to make wild camping if you don’t want to spend money in your accomodation.

And i have to add how incredible is to camp in Norway. For me and i don’t say that for the price, it was perfect in summer to sleep every night in my tent. I loved this so much because thanks to that we can spend all the day 24 hours on 24hours in contact with the wildlife. The environment is perfect and we can have beautiful places with beautiful views to camp. And chich is better than to sleep with the sunset, a small fresh wind on your face and a beautiful view. I use for me, alone, a tent Quechua. Normally for three persons, but in the reality it is rather for two persons. For me it was great because i had space and it is pleasant. So the tent could be a little heavy but as i had a rent car it was not a problem.

I made two days in wildlife camping et the rest in  campsites. Wildlife camping is cool but I can say that the price in campsite for me was between 150 and 250 nok. It depended of the place, if it was really near a place of interest. You can find many informations and where are located the campsites on at the end it is very impresa big number of campsite. You can even sometimes fall on a campsite which is not marked on the map. So it is very easy you don’t have to book in advance, you have just to respect the timetable. And again if you arrive too late, you will be able to pay the tomorrow morning. Almost all campsites don’t have fences around it is pretty sure that sometimes there were people or solo traveller who where at the limit of the campsite to not pay and at the same time to use the bathroom.

Definitely to make a summary camping in Norway during the summer is great, for the location, the midnight sun, the landscape, the price…. I can advice you to do this

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