Seriously, I do not really like Bangkok. It’s a giant capital with a lot of people. It’s hot all the time, pollution is present, garbage is in the streets. No, I’m not a fan. In addition, the internet connection is rather weak. But good strength is to add that if I want to travel without working in exchange for housing, we must choose these places.

I still have trouble accepting the contrast of standard of living in Bangkok. You wander through 8-storey shopping malls filled with the most prestigious brands, filled with well-dressed people and tourists. And next to that you go out at 200 meters and you see the street vendors, all the people who do not know what an easy way of life is. It is like people were born and to be in correct life and other people were borned to stay on the street.

Traveling in the outskirts of Bangkok you will see people who have never been to the cinema and who do not know what it is like to drink normally sitting in a cafe, living barefoot. You have a huge contrast between two major populations. Too much contrast between the street and for example street mall. You can take a coffee in street mall living inside and everything seems very great. And when you move on the street just after you fall in a big contrast with misery and people who don’t know what is to do to go in a shopping center drink a coffee.I’m someone with many opinion and i try to understand how people there are going to have the possibility to live a ‘rich life’ while the other will stay in the poverty. I don’t know how this work and i prefer to not know.But it is definitely when we come a second time in a country that we have the right view about this.And it is also impressive how we can judge in a different way when we tried to live in a place instead to just stay as a tourist. Staying for long time we can see mmany more things and many details. And also to have a right analyst about the reality.

It is normally the rainy season, and finally i’m really surprised cause not too much rain. In fact it is rainy sometimes just one hour during the day where it is a big rain. And the rest of the day just nothing. So finally the fact is just to avoid the moment where it is rainy and stay inside. But not bad. Moreover at the season prices at more attractive and less tourist. So finally better…




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