One of the other raison to stop to Lulea for a little time was to visit the church village of Gammelstad. This place is very advised to see there and  to not miss.The place is located at just 15 min by bus our car from Lulea center.

It was for me at the end of the day and i had to hurry in order to see this place before the sunset. I’m arrive at time to have a little time in front of me to walk in the village. It is very beautiful and cute, many houses made of wood in red colors, in small and narrow streets. At the middle the central element : the church, where the rest of the village was built around it. It is very easy because we can see the top of the church from everywhere in Gammelstad. It is the typical example of a church village dating from the 15th century. We find here exactly 424 wood-built houses. it was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1996.

Here you can find the largest late medieval stone church in Northern Sweden.Gammelstad was before the center of Lulea until the 17th century, before to be moved with the time near the shore, building a harbour.  During the full season, you can visit a cottage, learn about traditional cooking, see typical people dressed lile the ancient time; and visit the church. Today many houses are still lodged by the local population, the place is like an area of the city, but an historic area. So i could wander on the small streets at the end of the day when the sunset was arriving and it was very pleasant. It is a place to not miss in north of Sweden.



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