Skuleberget in the High coast

Skuleberget in the High coast

Skuleberget is a small moutain located in the high coast peninsula, along the gulf of botnia, in the middle of Sweden. About the history, 9500 years ago, the sea level was 286 meters up the Skuleberget which is the highest marking in the country of the seashore after the ice sheet melting away.
The mountain is at the edge of  Skuleskogen national park, beside the E4 motorway.

It was not easy to access to this place. In fact  without a car, i had to stop with the bus at the village of Docksta, 3km before and after to walk in order to arrive at the foot of the moutain. In summer and winter it exists a cable car to go up until the top. The cable car sizes 1100 meters to reach the top. I didn’t take the right entrance, i started to climb beside the cable car, linking few meters after the right path. The main entrance is located just beside the motorway, with a center explaining this area, and a cafe. So in september the canle car was closed because of the low season. Anyway, i prefer hikking. I reached the moutain pick in around a small hour. I arrived a the top where there was a restaurant closed.

I was totally alone in this place on the morning,  and i didn’t cross anybody during this moment. I was very peacefull, with just the sound of the wildlife. A small viewing platform made of wood was there with a beautiful view of the archipelago. The weather was cloudy but clear enought to have a nice view at the horizon. Enjoying the moment to be totally alone, i stayed one hour on this platform to breath and to observe the horizon. This occasion for me to eat my picnic in order to recover power for the return.

And in fact the return was hard because there were two possibilities; the red path, which is the hardest, and the blue path, wich is normal. I tried the red path and finally i went down maybe as longer as i climbed. Because the path was very abrupt, with rocks on the ground everywhere, and the rocks were sliding. Going down, finally i crossed a small organized group and 2 or 3 other people like me.

So i can advice this place so much, even if probably that this place have to be at it best in summer or winter.


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