Stockholm, also called in swedish, the beauty on the water, is a royal capital built on 14 islands, all connected between them by many bridge very well developed. On these bridges we can everywhere contemplate the beauty of the buildings. And he is important to press on the importance of the water in this place, because it is one of the main raison of the charm of the city. It is a modern city in an idyllic archipelageo, very alive at the same time that it is also quiet. In fact it is very easy in few minutes to reach the country side, or simply to reach the green area just beside the city center like Djugarden, which is a real green lung in the city.

Stockholm was the half of my travel in Sweden this time. Since the time that i wanted to see the city and finally  i was there.

After to have explored the north and a part of the gulf of Botnia, i went down and  i stayed 5 days in the swedish capital.

I sleept in two different hostels, one was located in the outskirt and was a little complicated to find, and the other was in the city center near the station. I chose the cheapest hostels in the city for a private room, and i paid around 45/50 euros for the night. I had a small breakfast and a private bathroom. So in the city like Stockholm it was i think a great affair for the price.

At the end of september, as much in the north of the country i had the feeling to be the only tourist and i was in the truth, as much here i saw many other tourists. Moreover It was during the week end. And yes i was surprised to see as many people on the streets in the city center. It was full everytime, and also on sunday, everybody was outside on the streets, all the shops was opened.

I excepted to see less people in the center and that it be more quiet. But it is definitely very alive. Moreover it is a very cosmopolitan country and we can see people of every nationality. Sometimes a bit much with bad experience on fast food to eat during the evening.

I spent many time on the streets shop because it was pleasant and there were many souvenir shops with nice items. Stocholm is the city of coffee, we can stop for a coffee and food everywhere, with big chain like for example expresso house or wayne coffee that we can find in every corner on the streets. The swedish spend many time there. And i experienced this many time, staying in a coffee and working on my laptop there during few hours. Inside, we can have confortable sofas, benches, and different kind of table.

But the city is also expensive, 3 euros (30kr) just for a simple ticket of subway. In the coffee 3 or 4 euros (40kr) for a simple coffee and 6 or 7 euros (70kr) for a sandwich. So i had to be careful about my expenses.

For the subway, however, it was very interesting to take a pass card which allowed to take the subway and the buses in all the area freely for just around 240 kr for three full day. It is quicky making money.

Gamla stan is the old city of Stockholm, is one of the largest preserved medieval city centers in Europe, and one of the best area to see in Stokcholm. This place is like a living pedestrian museum with sights, attractions, restaurants, souvenir shops.


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