Da Nang My Khe Beach

Da Nang My Khe Beach

Da Nang Beach

Do you know that Da Nang has one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Asia and even in the world ? In Da Nang, the beach is gigantic and very well laid out. One of the largest beaches in Asia capable of mixing a seafront with activities and a large wild beach. I think Da Nang is one of the best quality beaches I have visited. The beach is large, the sand is fine, the layout of the seafront is good, and the cleanliness of the beach is also qualitative. Inside this wide beach, one can find My Khew Beach, the most popular part of the beach for locals and expats.

Da Nang My Khew Beach

This beach is famous for its blue sky and white sand, gentle slope, clear and warm water. Also for nice surroundings around between the city and the mountains. Everything around you is peaceful, natural, relaxing. It is also a very clean and safe beach. It is perfect to for a stroll or to wander at the end of the day. This beach is recommended as one of the best in Asia. This beach is almost empty during the day. At he end of the afternoon, it is a lively scene with a lot of people enjoying staying on the beach and swimming.

Best area to stay in Da Nang

One of the other interesting points of Da Nang. It is possible to find a gigantic beach, a river, a bustling city as well as mountains. It is near this beach that is the best area for expatriates. Indeed, between this beach and the Da Nang river, many apartments and hotels are positioned. Good standard of living, restaurants, between calm and evening entertainment. One of the best places in all of vietnam as an expat.

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