Kyoto Kamo River

Kyoto Kamo River

In Kyoto, the Kamo River is one of the most popular hang out spot in the entire city. it is definitely a pleasure to walk along this river. The latter crosses the city and is structured with different bridges. One of the big positive points of this river is that it is left natural, which means that we have a green belt in the middle of the city. The air quality in Kyoto is good, and it is also thanks to this river.

This river is ideal for people who want to run, who want to walk in the center of the city, or simply to relax. Anglers can have a great time on the ends of the river. Perfect place to take pictures, it is also a meeting place for young people at the end of the day. Close to the liveliest district, they gather to have a good time.

In spring, the river also becomes one of the best places to admire Japan’s beautiful cherry blossoms. Shijo Bridge connects the Gion district in the east and Shijo dori in the west. To connect different part of the city, and the west part with the east part, these bridges are used a lot. Perfect to navigate along the city center using the border of the river.

It is also a perfect place to be able to eat along the river. Indeed, the district of typical restaurants is located along this river. The latter offers terraces on stilts for a traditional view of Japan. One of the strengths is the conservation of the town with all of its traditional elements.

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