Da Nang best things to do

Da Nang best things to do

Ba Na Hills

Located in the Truong Son Mountains, around 40 kilometers west of Da Nang city, Ba Na Hill is a natural hill station and a luxury resort with entertainment hubs. Ba Na hill station was originally founded by French colonialists in the late 19th century. Situated at 1500 meters above sea level, Ba Na has cool and temperate weather, which averages 10-15 Celsius degrees each year, make it become an ideal vacation spot for foreigners. Therefore, tourists who visit Ba Na today can notice the resemblance of French architecture that had once influenced this station. The best way to access Ba Na Hills is by taking the Ba Na Cable Car. There are many things tourists could do when visiting Ba Na Hills. In addition to staying and enjoying the various services at the luxurious Ba Na Hills Resort, tourists can also find peace and pay respect at the Linh Ung Pagoda nearby.

Marble Mountain

Marble Mountains is a group of five limestone peaks situated seven kilometres from downtown Da Nang. The five limestones are named after the five elements : Kim ( metal ), Thuỷ ( water ), Mộc ( wood), Hoả ( fire ) and Thổ ( earth ). Over centuries, Marble Mountains has held special significance for the people of Central Vietnam. The ancient Cham revered the karsts as a spiritual site, and Vietnamese emperors from Hue and legendary generals passing through paid visits to the peaks, adding to their store of legends. Today Marble Mountains is home to a network of caves, tunnels, towers, and pagodas built by Mahayana Buddhists and the Nguyen Dynasty Kings. Beuatiful place to visit in Da Nang.

Son Tra Peninsula

It is a big area in the north east of the city. Rising up to an elevation of over 700 meters, Son Tra Mountain peaks can be seen from anywhere from Da Nang downtown. This place is perfectly seen from all the beaches in Da Nang. Its coast is 32 km long, featuring stone shoreline and white sandy beaches, some of which are backed by resorts. By the southern water edge, the best attraction Lady Buddha stands and faces towards the city. We can find perfect nature, nearly 300 types of plants and several hundred kinds of fauna, including rare animal. Perfect for an excursion outside of the city observing the nature, walking or bicycling.

Buddha Lady

This place is just amazing in Da Nang. It is possible to go in a wonderful location with hills very close to the city, but enought far for an amazing view and fresh air. This is the tallest Buddha statue in Vietnam, it is located at Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang which is around 8 km away from My Khe beach, or 10 km from Da Nang city center. This statue is very impressive with a height of 67m. The statue leans on the mountain, facing the sea, the kind eyes looking down. We can find 17 floors in the statue lap, each floor has an altar with 21 Buddha statues which have different shapes, facial expression and posture. Look beyond, we can see marble mountains and the beach. Perfect at the end of the day with the sunset.

Dragon Bridge

Dragon bridge is one of the numerous bridge in Da Nang. It is the best for its architecture and its construction. We can see an amazing fire breathing dragon on this bridge with a metal structure. The bridge, which spans the Han River, serves as a connector between the Da Nang International Airport and the area’s most popular beaches and downtown area. This spectacular example of engineering, which is shaped like a dragon and literally breathes fire, was inaugurated on March 29, 2013, to commemorate both the country’s rich history and the 38th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. The bridge measures a total of 568 m and weighing more than 2,000 tons.

My Khe Beach  

This beach is located about 6km east of Da Nang. It is a 10 kilometre stretch of smooth sand with an average width between 50m and 70m. It is famous for its blue sky, smooth white sand, gentle slope, clear warm water year round and beautiful areas surrounded by coconut trees. This place is good because it is a peaceful part of Da Nang. It is also a very clean and safe beach. Walk around during the evening or during the night is very convenient. Attractions stay open late during the evening.

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