Return in Da Nang for the best

Return in Da Nang for the best

Return to Da Nang in Vietnam. After a long difficult period with the crisis period, it was difficult or even impossible to travel. After many months spent in Thailand, I was able to move to Vietnam for a new adventure and to go to the city of Da Nang, a city of which I had been for a few days at the beginning of my travels in Asia.

Experience requires, my first trip to Vietnam could have been complicated for different reasons, and also for lack of experience. I learnt a big thing even i knew it since already a time. Never judge a place without to really stay or again to have the positive attitude to want to stay.Today, in this other Vietnam experience, I enjoy the city of Da Nang and have a much more objective insight into the city and Vietnam. Da Nang is definitely a beautiful city with a lot to offer, with a variety of landscapes and a beautiful beach, diverse neighborhoods and smiling and warm people.

As a Digital Nomad, Da Nang is definitely an excellent post in Asia to land. Cafes everywhere to work, a more than interesting cost of living, many accommodations, a huge beach, a relaxed atmosphere and also other expatriates. Although less known, it is definitely an attractive city for anyone who wants to be quiet and work online in South East Asia.

The traffic is indeed complicated, which is difficult in Vietnam, but Da Nang offers precisely this quality of life and makes you forget its chaotic traffic by its geographical position, its beach, its restaurants, the kindness of the people and its activities around the city. I definitely feel good in this city that i really discovered for this time with all its charming points.

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