Bodo is situated on a peninsula in Northern Norway, just above the polar circle. It is the second main city above the circle  after Tromso. The city collects around 50000 inhabitants. The location is great. The place is great along the the ocean with many views on islands, coast and fjords.

I’m stayed in this place three nights, once in couchsurfing the first day and twice in the campsite at the end of my trip in Norway. The city is pleasant, quiet and offers vaired assortment of adventure. The nice place to go for a walk was for me just along the harbor and the marina, it is also just beside the center.When we go out of the center there are many residential district, seeming peacefull with houses and small buildings that i found nice. In fact like others Norwegian cities, there are differents colors for the buildings, and it makes the charm of norwegian cities.Bodo is definitely a nice place to stay a little for the city and the surroundings. Moreover you can see one of the biggest maelstrom in the world, his name is saltstraumen , just an half hour driving from Bodo, with a very powerful current. It is also a perfect place for all the fishermen.

The city can be the departure to linl Lofoten islands by the ferry (around 4 hours), or Vesteralen islands by the road (around 5  hours). It is the best location with Tromso to link the North by the airplane form Oslo ( around 1h30  Oslo – Bodo by the airplane ). And to come back to this city i can advice easily to camp in Bodo campsite. It is a coo campsite and the advantage is that there is a nice path along the fjord with a beautiful view. So for me it was a pleasur at the end of the day to cover the path with the midnight sun. And it is beside many supermarkets by walking. On the oteher side of the city in direction of the north there are also beaches to stay.

You will have the opportunity to rent a car in Bodo if you want to continue your trip on the north by your own. Bodo is an other small city where i would like to stay few months.



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