Campsite in North Norway, travel on budget

Campsite in North Norway, travel on budget

Norway is a very expensive country, one of the most in the world. The level of the salary is very high, so if you plan to go in Norway you will have the unchance to lose your power of purchase. However it will be a shame to miss this beautiful country with perfect landscapes because of the money. One thing is sure, it is that during the summer and, we can say between june and september,  to camp will be the best option to save money. Moreover, above the polar circle, the accomodation become rare, and as a result it will be again more expensive.



Second things to know is that the wildlife camping is allowed in Norway, and also in scandinavia. Instead of the moment where you respect the place, you respect the wildlife, you are quiet, you are able to camp in the location of your choice, along a street, on a beach or in a plain. But be careful if you are alone cause it can be a strange feeling to be totally alone on a place in the middle of the wildlife during the night without any body around you. And so the law is that people can roam and wild camp just about anywhere so long as they do not disturb or destroy the environment. This option is totally free so you will be really on a budget with this.



However if you prefer to have equipment, and to take a shower with hot water, you have to chose among the numerous campsite. And it is very easy to find a campiste. Many won’t be specially on a map, and while you advance in the trip, you fall regularly on sign road showing the location of a campsite. Generally the campistes are not full, and you will have many places. Except in few places just beside a place of interest where it can be full, like for example the campsite in Tromso. You do’nt have delimitation or fences there, generally campsites are opened and you stay totally with the wildlife. Brief, moreover that to travel on budget, i think that the best way to explore the north norway in summer. You can see the sunset at midnight, and you can enjoy the nature around you and the view. If you choose the right campsite you can fall and sleep in front of a perfect view like a lake, fjord, or along the ocean. And during the night you will hear just the noise of the bird and of the wind.

Generally for a place for a tent, you will pay between 10 and 25 euros, depending of the quality of the campsite and about the equipments. 10 euros the minimum and 25 euros the maximum.

But the average is around 15-20 euros the night.


Here few adresses about good campsites in north Norway beetween Lofoten islands and North cap :


Here two websites to help you :




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