Tokyo on budget, sleep in Capsule hotel

Tokyo on budget, sleep in Capsule hotel

Capsule Hotel

To find an accomodation for the night in Tokyo can be sometimes expensive, almost for a long trip. One of the best possibility that you will find will be Capsule hotel. It is a special hotel that you will find just in Asian, and especially in Japan. The purpose is to provide a quick, cheap and basic accomodation option for people wishing to stay one night of a place. The advantage is that generally, you will have everytime a capsule available to sleep. Except the fact to be cheaper, it is also an experience of the life in Tokyo. But you don’t have to be claustrophobic cause it is small and no windows. But this offers the size of a normal sleep.

You can pay your capsule hostel just day after day. It is impossible to book for few days in a row.

Inside of the capsule, it is just a small space about around 2 meter square where you have just a bedroom with the size of the capsule. You can have the television and the radio inside. You use steps to get to the top of the capsule. Your luggage is stored in a separate locker. The capsule is sealed with a door or a curtain and bathroom facilities are normally shared. Capsule hotels are e Men and women are separated in different floor.

However, if you pay a little bit more, you will have the possibility to sleep in Capsule Hotel with bigger capsule, with around 4 meters square, it is first class capsule.

You need to let your shoes outside. About the rest, you will have access to eveything like a normal hotel, shared bathroom, reception, dispensers, public space, kitchen?

So you can have noise and probably that you won’t have the best night of your life, but for a night like that when you plan to arrive later and to leave early, it is a very good option to spend to much money for a short night.

The price will be generally between 20 and 50 euros per night, depending of the quality and the size of the capsule.



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