Lofoten and Vesteralen archipelago

Lofoten and Vesteralen archipelago

In a road trip always in Norway in July, i went to Lofoten and Vesteralen island. It is a set of islands forming a marvellous archipelago. I was my main purpose to come to see the north of Norway. This is a place defined by contrasts. The landscapes span from calm and peaceful beaches and farmlands to rugged, alpine mountains, dramatic fjords and wilderness. So i could advance in the area on this area with my rent car. To rent a car is the best thing to do if you want to be free and to see all the corners of the islands.

I rented my car at Bodo but it is possible to rent a car on the islands. After you have two options, to take the ferry from Bodo until Svolvaer after a crossing around 4h. You will be at the south of the islands at the end of Lofoten and you will be able to cross all this area and to come back until the enter around Narvik. Or the other option consists to make the opposite to come by Narvik and to start by Vesteralen islands. I went down from Tromso so it was logical for me to make the second option. We don’t see a real difference between Vesteralen and Lofoten, it is just that the contrast in Lofoten islands is more important about the landscape. It is for this than Lofoten is more known.

So everythings were beautiful there.  I had three sunny day and just one cloudy day and as i said on an other article on Norway, it was in the place that i had one day with a very hot weather with 26 degrees during the day. It was good but the only problem was during the evening and the night the number of mosquitos and flies, trying to past on my body and on the car. But if i can reassure you, except of this hot day, i finally didn’t have any problems with mosquitos on the place. So i’m stay three nights in campsite. Weather was strange andsometimes just on few kilometers i could have much fo and very low clouds and thanks to that i was a beautiful contrast in the landscape before just after to come back under a sunny day. It is the place to see the typicals fisherman villages with the red  wooden cabin. I just regret to be not stayed a night in a Rorbur, the typical fisherman cabin, but it was a little too expensive for me.

Everything is pleasant in the archipelago but my best place among this area was at the end in the south of Lofoten islands when we see the moutains, narrows moutainsto continue on the landscape and you can’t reach it. You are a the end of the archipelago. And it was great because i had the feeling to have accomplished something nice and i was very proud of me.The water in this area is so clear, with a beautiful light blue. Sometimes we can think that we can just find this in tropical coutries but no, and here it is a big surprise to see this perfect water beyond the polar circle. The difference is that that the water temperature is cool.

But i found this place, a pretty beach and it was amazing. and few people was already on the beach. It was around 18 degrees at this moment outside so i had to try to go in the water with a such nice place. So i took my swimming trunks and i tried to go in the water and i was successful to walk on the water just at the level of my hips and it was great.Nobody was able to go beyond. I wanted to swim wy all my body but it was to difficult  en with all  the motivation that i had. Probably that the water temperature was around 12°. But perfect souvenir for a perfect place with perfect sand and water.

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