Bodo is a city located in Northland county, in Norway. It is the capital of Nordland county, and it is located just North of the artic circle. Also, this is the second largest city is North Norway, after Tromso. With a population of 51000 inhabitants it is a peacefull city along the coast with an attractive harbor. The city is modern and it is a great location if you want to reach Lofoten Island and to arrive there with the airplane. With around 1h20 you can land at Bodo from Oslo. You can take the ferry from Bodo to go toe the Lofoten Islands.Bodo is one of the Norway’s windiest city. Despite its location just North of the article circle, the climate us a subpolar mixed with oceanic. We can have pleasant temperature during the summer, and chilly but not too cold winter.The midnight sun is above the horizon during more than one month between middle June and middle July. You can also find a great campsite in Bodo, perfect to travel on Budget, with a view on the Fjord, and nice paths from the campsite.

Things to do in Bodo :


Aviation museum 

Opened in 1994, the Norwegian Aviation Museum combines the Norwegian Air Force collection, with exhibits from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Museum, to portray all aspects of Norwegian aviation history. The museum has an extensive collection of aircraft, including a number of unique or very rare types.


Art on the street

You will be able to notice numerous building with street art on a theme in Bodo. It is graffiti and you will necessarily be confronted with its beauties, so you’d better be ready for it. So turn and walk on the street and you will see this.


 Go shopping at  Glasshuset

There are lots of stores in downtown Bodo but naturally, but if you want to do shopping or that the weather is rainy, you can go in the center on the pedestrian street.

Glasshuset, the mall is called, isn’t just a building but rather a glass roof on top of the pedestrian street, which hosts 75 different stores, cafes, and restaurants.


See the Northern light 

In the winter, you can experience the northern lights from the pier in the harbour, or even better, from Rønvikfjellet mountain just outside the city centre.


Go fishing

Bodo is very much a centre for outdoor pursuits. Fishing in the nearby lakes and rivers is great. The trout and salmon are of particularly good quality in the surroundings. You can also take to the sea and try your luck fishing from a chartered boat.


Sea eagles

Bodø has the biggest population of white-tailed eagles (sea eagles) in the world. You are almost guaranteed to see them there all year round. Every day these huge birds hover high in the skies above the town or perch on rocks on the islands near Bodø.


Go for a stroll along the harbor

Bodo has a pretty harbor. The pier called Moloen that’s been erected in 1904 and extended in 1980, makes for a lovely stroll along the ocean and offers some stunning views.  It is pleasant to walk along the shore.




Located at 25 kilometers from Bodo, it is a powerful Maelstrom which can change direction every six hours. It is the strongest tidal current in the world. Up to 400 million m³ of water force their way through a three kilometer long and only 150-meter width. The water speeds can reach 37 kilometers per hour.

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