Tromso is located 350 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle and it is the largest city in Northern Norway.  From 20 May to 20 July we can see the midnight sun. And from 20 November to 20 January it is the polar night. It is call sometimes the capital of North because it is the biggest city in in the north of Europe. Even if Tromso is  located above the polar circle, as the city is on the seaside and thanks to  the warming effect of the Gulf stream., never it is very cold there. And you have beautiful days in summer and not too much cold days in winter. In winter the beautiful landscape is covered by the snow and you can see the Northern Lights.

The center of the city is located on a island, making the city charming. You have a bridge in one side and and other bridge in the other side. It great because it is forbidden to park a car in the center of Tromso and there are no places for this. So Tromso’s center is very quiet because you have just few cars. The other interesting thing is that we can cross the city and link many part thanks to a underground net work for the car, just under the city. And it is great to cross easily the city. You can discover shops and food in the area it is a great pleasure to wander on the street an near the harbour.  The city is surrounded by the sea.

Moreover, Tromso has a wide range of accommodation suitable for all budgets and all needs.  So it is a good location to stay a moment and explore all the north of Norway from there.

Things to do in Tromso

Polar Museum


The Polar Museum is one of Norway’s top ten museums located in Norway. It tells the exciting story of risky Arctic trapping and courageous polar expeditions.In fact Tromso has long been an important base for many polar expeditions, and the Polar Museum exhibits and presents this polar seafaring tradition. At the museum you can  meet the courageous men and women and the ships and equipment that were essential for life both on the sea and in the Arctic.


Tromso Arctic cathedral

Aside from its beautiful natural setting, probably that the most iconic image of Tromso can be the Arctic Cathedral. It is a white triangular structure, visible from most of Tromso area. It is located fantastic right on the end of the bridge linking the island and the city center with the mainland.


Tromso Arctic Alpine Botanical Garden

See the beautiful botanical garden in Tromso, the best above the polar circle. The Tromso Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden is home to thousands of plant species from all parts of the world.  You will find plants from the polar regions or the high mountains, which have difficulty surviving in the milder climates where most botanical gardens are located. With the long winter but a pleasant and sunny summer, the Tromso climate is ideal for these plants, providing the perfect conditions for tough little plants that are a little sensitive to heat. The garden also features rock formations and areas of gravel that recreate the conditions where the hardy plants grow wild.



If  you want to visit some exciting and educational places, Polaria is surely a spot that you don’t have to miss. It is located in the city centre of Tromsø, and its architecture resembles collapsing glaciers. Inside this modern looking museum is an Arctic aquarium, a knowledge-based exhibition and a panoramic cinema.  You can also find Arctic animals, such as seals and cold water fish, the museum demonstrates how human has influenced the Arctic’s wilderness and how we can better protect our living environment.


See the aurora borealis

Tromso is located in the middle of the Northern Lights Oval, which is the area with the highest probability of seeing the lights. So on this place you will always have  good chances to see Northern Lights. This natural phenomenon can be observed from September to April, depending on the weather conditions and solar activity. If the sky is clear, you might be able to see the Northern Lights right above the city.


Cultural life and attraction

The Capital of the North has a rich cultural life. Several important events are held during the Northern Lights season such as the Silent Film Days in September, the Tromso International Film Festival and the Polar night half Marathon in January, the Northern Lights Festival and the Sami Week in February. The New Year’s Eve Concert and the Northern Lights Concerts at the Arctic Cathedral are also popular among the visitors and the locals.

Tromso is also good for its lively nightlife. The Friday and Saturday nights are specially animated. Most of the restaurants and bars are located along the main street, Storgata.  


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