Lulea is a Swedish city, located in the north of Sweden, just at the entrance of the Lapland. The city is located along the gulf of Botnia. You can reach Lulea from Stockholm whether by the airplane in just one hour and a half, whether by the train in a long trip of many hours. From there you will be able after to explore the Swedish Lapland. Lulea has about 75,000 inhabitants. The harbor is very important.

Its setting is pleasant on the banks of the lulealven river, its center is bordered by a large marina. As a result, the city is surrounded by the water. It was the first Swedish city to own a shopping arcade. Also Lulea is known for its ancient historic center Gammelstad.  In summer you can go for a swim in an artificial beach and enjoy many nautical activities. In winter, enjoy the landscape with the snow and try to search the Northern lights during the night.

 Things to do in Lulea


Visit Gammelstad

Here you can find the largest late medieval stone church in Northern Sweden. Gammelstad was before the center of Lulea until the 17th century, before to be moved with the time near the shore, building a harbour. It is the typical example of a church village dating from the 15th century. We find here exactly 424 wood-built houses. it was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1996. During the full season, you can visit a cottage, learn about traditional cooking, see typical people dressed lile the ancient time; and visit the church. Today many houses are still lodged by the local population, the place is like an area of the city, but an historic area.


See the Northern Lights

Here you will find excellent conditions for seeing this natural spectacle, as our skies are often clear and that, coupled with cold air and an unobstructed view northward, will drastically increase your chances of spotting the northern lights.


Lulea cathedral

In the city center you should be able to see its spire wherever you turn. It is Lulea Cathedral. It is the northernmost cathedral in Sweden and the entire city has had to adapt to it, centering around its architecture and construction. The church is open all year round and you are warmly welcome inside.


Kulturen hus

Down by the harbour and just a short walk from Luleå’s main shopping area, Kulturens Hus is a beacon of fun and entertainment for the city’s residents. This big, modern structure houses the city library, two concert venues, plus a popular restaurant with views across the water.


Norbbottens Museum

Besides the extensive displays on the history of Norrbotten, Norrbottens Museum is worth a visit for the Sami section alone, with its engrossing collection of photos, tools, and dioramas depicting traditional reindeer-herding Sami life, as well as a nomad tent for kids. The little ones will love the recreated 19th-century playrooms


 Shopping, sports, culture, entertainment

Luleå has Northern Sweden’s largest selection of shops, malls and supermarkets which can be found in the town centre along with the commercial area Storheden.

Sports and outdoor activities are the most popular pastimes among Lulea residents. Lulea has a rich cultural life with theatre, music, film, dance and exhibitions. Most of these events take place in the town centre and around the northern port. The House of Culture is one of the city’s regular venues with an art gallery, concert halls, a coffee shop and a restaurant.

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