First place for two weeks

First place where i stayed inThailand. I wanted to find a full accomodation like a small appartment. I wouldn’t like to have just a simple room with share bathroom and kitchen. So i was obliged to define my budget a little in a higher way. In fact even if it is Thailand it stay a capital and if you want to not be to far for the city center you need to pay a correct price. Big city so the best thing to do is to stay just beside a subway station or BTS sky train. I don’t have internet with my phone so outside i need to be near the transportation. Anyway i find an accomodation in a lower price for full accomodation. I pay 200 € for a small appartment, 10 minutes walk from station of subway. For 20 m2 with a small balcony and airconditionner. It is not bad. It allows myself to be in the middle of the local. Yes in fact i have the feeling to not see any western people in this area. I decided to find accomodation every two weeks. Why? Cause i realise that one month in the same place can be long. And if never the accomodation is not very good you will be obliged to stay all the month. For this reason i choose to be careful about the budget but to move every two weeks. I need to change regularly. So finally i will spend around 400 € for the accomodation in one month. But for appartement and as a tourist, it is definitely not bad.

I try to live every day with 10 euros per day, outside of the accomodation. I spend a little money for the transportation, the food and the dring in cafe. But difficult to do less.Generally 6 € to eat, 1€ to move and 3 € in cafe. Sometimes i overtake a little this budget. As i don’t overtake 1000€ per month until february it will be okey. And to the accomodation and cost of live everyday i need to add a flight per month to a destination. Plus extras.

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