Freedom to long time travel

Freedom to long time travel

One of the major interests of this way of life and this type of trip is to feel free, physically and mentally. Freedom is defined as the absence of constraints and the possibility of choosing. It is above all a voluntary realization, an attitude. One is free when one substitutes an active attitude for a situation undergone, it is you who realize your destiny instead of suffering it. This is also why the comfort zone can go against freedom because we remain attached to things and finally we undergo the daily life. It is simply impossible to be completely free, except that living in Hermit at the end of the world cut off from everything. However one can find his form of freedom by the thought, the displacement, the discovery 

Freedom and independence are two inseparable terms for me. And these are my most important currencies in life. And that’s why I threw myself in it. The best way to exploit, and to really free oneself to feel free is to travel, what is more to travel alone. Traveling alone is the search for freedom in its totality, freedom of action, freedom of movement, freedom of thought, freedom of appearance, behavior, etc.

In concrete terms, you choose from A to Z the conditions of your trip without the constraint of compromising with other people. You no longer have to take the lead with anyone or do things you do not want. You no longer have to be afraid to go home and resume your daily life after a vacation trip.

As a long term travel trio , finished traveling only for the holidays and having to wait for the next ones. Finished having to choose a single destination because the time is too short. Finished making compromises. From then on you will be able to prepare the trip without thinking of a return, just thinking of the present. You can organize your day at your convenience or sleep in this type of accommodation etc … in short as you understand the logistics is easy and it’s up to you.

Many people have often regretted trips, regretted not having thrown themselves, regretted having spent bad times on a trip because they were not with the right people.

You feel different, you crave freedom, it’s time to prove it. I also emphasize not waiting too long before embarking not to regret. Making that choice does not mean doing it for a decade. You can do it for a whole year and have an incredible experience that you would never regret having done. Even if the goal of a long term trip is to work to have a long-term result over several years. However a year to go around the world, as digital nomadic or not, will remain whatever happens to ever burn in memory. How can we regret to explore the world of months and months?

The answer is that we can not regret. As a result if you are interested there is no hesitation. If you wait for the best time, someone to accompany you or anything else you will sometimes wait a long time to never finally get started. Alone, taking the risk of getting started, you can quickly achieve what you want.

We have a feeling of openness to the very deep world. In the concrete, everything is more fluid, spontaneous, alive … You want to sleep all morning in your tent, you can. You want to eat pizza at midnight to please you, you can. You plan to see a place and finally you made a detour and you will postpone it until the next day you can. You plan to stay working in front of your computer all day, you can. You feel up to hanging out on the streets and can be dating, you can. You have no stress, no pressure, no constraints, and you do not have to be accountable to others. And we feel that many things are possible, and we have ideas in our heads.

What is good as a traveler is that you are free to choose which character you want to be. You can change your behavior and change your personality when you are abroad. In fact no one knows you and you are in an adventure, therefore you have the opportunity to start from scratch, to become someone else and to really be that person you want to be and love.

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