Bohuslan in Sweden

Bohuslan in Sweden

I had a great feeling seeing the bohusland coast. It is one of Sweden’s natural treasures. The landscape here is a grand mix of craggy islands and rickety fishing villages caught between sky and sea. You will find a nice combination of food, outdoor, and cultural experiences. Bohulsän stretches between Goteborg and the limit of  Norwegian border on around 300km. The region is known for its archipelago, fishing villages, granite rocks and the sparkling sea.

I was happy to discover the place a this moment , beginning of Marsh because we could have snow again, because we could have frozen lakes again, and definitely to have a general idea and picture of the winter there. And a the same time to have pleasant temperature (beteween -3 the morning and 4 the afternoon and to have longer days (the sunset aroud 5:30). So i liked this period of the year. I’m stayed few days around Goteborg to be able to discover the bohuslan at the north. The place is very beautiful under the sun along the coast. All the coast is very cut up with a lot of small Islands.

We can see beautiful fisherman village. So yes Norway isn’t the only place in scandinavia to see this kind of place, you can see that in Sweden in the Bohuslan.

We can find nices places for hiking and many paths to cycle. Moreover to drive on the road along the shoe is very pleasant.

In my concern, it was a real pleasure to wal and to stop in the fisherman’s villages. I did’nt have so many time to stay and to visit the islands or to make big hiking. But i have one of my best souvenir of a travel for a sightseeing of a natural landscape.

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