Vilnius historical center

Vilnius historical center

Like all the Baltic countries, it is once again a pleasure to walk around Vilnius. The historic city center is very pleasant with many historic buildings and parks of very high quality. Vilnius is one of the greenest capitals in Europe. The historic city center is therefore surrounded by numerous parks. The whole is very clean and it is a new must see destination in the Baltic States.

In 1994 to UNESCO World heritage list was inscribed Vilnius historic centre as having outstanding universal value. It is historic part of the city formed in 14-18th centuries. Today is recognized that on prospering times Vilnius made great influence on all Central East Europe region culture and architecture development. And objects of Vilnius historical centre are extraordinary examples of architectural ensemble and landscape type.One of the most beautiful capitals in Europe since old times was famous for it’s tolerance. In this, most to the east distant Western European cultural centre, coexisted both Eastern and Western cultural traditions. In the city and it’s suburbs settled various confessions and nationalities inhabitants.

In Vilnius old town preserved authentic buildings who served defensive, residential, representative and spiritual purposes. Vilnius old town preserved gothic, renaissance, baroque, classical styles features. This city architecture is unique, because all stiles join in one harmonious esthetical unit. Very special atmosphere in Vilnius panorama create 17th century typical Vilnius baroque school domes of the churches and restrained monumental classical architecture.

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