Discover Vilnius

Discover Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and is perhaps the most overlooked cultural capital of the three Baltic states; Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. A picturesque city of historical importance and religious significance, Lithuania’s grim past is deeply embedded in its identity today.

As I continue my tour in the capitals of the Baltic countries, I discover places that I would never have thought of discovering before. One of the peculiarities of Vilnius is its large number of green spaces. You will indeed find green spaces everywhere. The river running through Vilnius is surrounded by green space, which gives it a special charm. A quiet town to visit. The city center of Vilnius, like all the capitals of the Baltic countries, is definitely worth a visit. I was surprised by the number of parks, the cleanliness of the city center, and the quality of life.

The Old Town, historical centre of Vilnius, is one of the largest in Eastern Europe. The most valuable historic and cultural heritage is concentrated here. The buildings in the old town – there are about 1.5 thousand of them – were built in a number of different centuries, therefore, it is a mixture of all European architectural styles. Although Vilnius is often called a baroque city, here you will find some buildings of gothic, renaissance and other styles. The main sights of the city are the Gediminas Castle and the Cathedral Square, symbols of the capital. Their combination is also a gateway to the historic centre of the capital. Because of its uniqueness, the Old Town of Vilnius was inscribed on the UNESCO Worls Heritage List.

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