The golden circle

The golden circle

After to have been in the North Iceland i’m returned around Reykjavik. The occasion to see the popular golden circle, the famous attraction for the tourists, at one hour from Reykjavik. The golden circle regroups three nice popular places : Geysir, Gulfoss and Pingvellir national Park. It is a nice area near Reykjavik for people who want to have a general idea of Iceland landscape attraction.

Geysir is probably the best place in the world to discover a Geyser. It is a nice place with very hot springs, bubbling. Be careful to not touch the water. Sometimes it is already hot just under your feet along the path. There are two main Geysir : Strokkur and the big Geysir. Unfortunately for me i just saw Strokkur. In fact big Geysir is the most impressive but the possibility to see the column of water gushes from the earth is just around 2/3 times per day. Strokkur on the other handcan gush every ten minutes so normally you will be sure to see it. It is something to see one in your life. Just after you can walk and go up on the path in order to have a pleasant view of the whole site.

Gulfoss is a beautiful and powerfull waterfall. It is high from 32 m with a first step of 11 m and a second of 21m . It is the best waterfall in Iceland and Europe with Godafoss (near Akureyri and myvatn lake).

Pingvellir national park is located around the biggest lake in Iceland. We can see here beautiful natural landscapeand historic interest. Pingvellir is the seat of a big tectonic activity. You can walk  between the continents of Europe and America.


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