My road trip and feelings in Iceland

My road trip and feelings in Iceland

I made a road trip in Iceland during two weeks in the month of august. Iceland is a very original destination and even if it is unknown for many people, it is an incredible experience. I knew just discovering this on my computer that i wanted to be there. I like wildlife and i like beautiful landscape so i had to visit this country. I decided to rent a car, in fact the train doesn’t exist and except the bus it is difficult to move outside of Reykjavik without a car. You have just one main road number one in Iceland, after you have other small roads, sometimes just practicable with a 4×4 because the is covered by stones without asphalt and you can have to overtake a river. So when you rent a car be careful of the choice of yours roads or rent the car adapted with a good insurance. I think that you have to take the super cdw insurance with the risk of glows of stones on your body car. Fortunately for me i had taken this insurance. Sometimes even if it was not adviced and even forbidden, i took roads without asphalt. Difficult to advance but at the end the nissanc micra was still alive.


I left from Reykjavik to link Akureyri in few days using all the road along the ocean, west coast and and north coast, stopping in guesthouse or airbnb host every night. I stayed after a little to Akureyri to continue to see all the nice places of interest. And then  i’m returned near Reykjavik, but this time only by the road number one, crossing the center of the country.

The weather was very strange, it changed very fast. But be sure that you must except to have rain and wind. If really you are lucky maybe you will have few days sunny. I had approximately the third of my trip with rain, the other third was cloudy, and the last third cloudy with sun. The wind was present a lot of day, almost every day , especially on the coast. So the real feel temperature is colder. At the second part of August, the temperature varied for me between 6 and 10 the morning, and 12 and 17 the afternoon. Night and evening in Akureyri was the coldest.

Iceland is probably the safest country in the world, or one of them, so you can’t have problem with other people. The most dangerous thing will be to not be enought careful in the wildlife and to meet a problem.

When you are outside of Reykjavik area, the country is almost unihabited. So all the country is so peacefull, you will feel so quiet in the middle of the wildlife. You will be often alone on the road and you will see other cars and people just when you will be on a parking in a place of interest.

I love Iceland because i had the feeling sometimes to be in a otherworld, to be in a unique place, so different. I had the feeling to be very far from everything, in a strange country in the middle of the ocean. And  that i like to much was the feeling to be totally free and to have all the space just for me. It is a very pleasant and strange feeling, a little scaring.

There are so much beautiful places to see like waterfalls, black sand, seels, volcanos, lakes, glaciers, stones, special moss, Geysers, snow etc… Without to forget Reykjavik, nice capital to visit, and Akureyri, cute city near the polar circle. Probably that it has to be a great experience to see the country in winter, under the snow…

It is sure and a reality that Iceland is a very expensive country like other scandinavian countries. It is expensive but for the accomodation for exemple you can find a correct price if you book early. The number of possibilities for the accomodation are not very omportan, so if you plan to go in Iceland in summer you have to book in advance to have the best price. The rest of the year it is easier to find an accomodation. For my part i sleept many nights with very kind people in different place with airbnb. Sometimes in incredible houses, speaking with the host. The rest of the time a little with booking in guesthouses. With this you can sleep around 40/60 euros the night. It is again a budget that’s sure i confess but it remains correct. The less expensive will be the camping. I didn’t try but i know that it is just possible in July/August, maybe a little June/September also. And that you must have a good tent to support all the wind and rain during the night.

Restaurant and food also are expensive, you can pay for exemple around 15/20 euros for a simple dish or a simple pizza in a restaurant. And you can pay a beer around 8/9 euros. Alcohool is forbidden in normal food shop so you will find this in special store just for this. In my concern, to not spend to much money, i ate just a little food for the lunch in the supermarket like bonus to create my own sandwich. During the evening it was weather food in Bonus supermarket, weather a fastfood affordable. I ate around three or for times in a restaurant.

It is sure that i would like to return in Iceland everytime.





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