Tallinn public transportation

Tallinn public transportation


Most places worth visiting in Tallinn are just either a medium to a long walk or a short tram ride. Honestly, I walk through most of the city, it’s a city on a human scale. I like to use the electric scooter from time to time for its fun aspect, it also allows you to quickly go to the beaches or along the coast. Trams, trolleys and buses wake up along with the people of Tallinn and start their days at 6 am. Public transport can take you almost anywhere from the city center to small suburbs outside of Tallinn. The buses, trams and trolleys for most lines run regularly and their interiors and users are just as wide in difference as their routes. Public modes of transport usually disappear from the streets a bit before midnight.

To take the tram, it is advisable to take a card. The price per ticket will not be attractive while the offers are very cheap.You can buy a Smartcard to upload either money or e-tickets (1, 3, 5 and 30 day tickets) from points of sale. You can also buy and upload to tourist office in the city center.

  • 2€One-hour ticket (60 min)
  • 1.50€- One-day ticket (24h): 4.50€
  • Three-day ticket (72h): 7.50€
  • Five-day ticket (120h): 9€
  • 30-day ticket: 30€
  • Tallinn Card (includes free entries to museums and sights) (24h/48h/72h): 16€ – 64€

Electric scooter

Estonia was lagging most other EU member states in introducing electric scooter rental services. The increasingly popular transportation mode among tourists and residents alike became available in the Estonian capital Tallinn in June 2019 with two providers, Citybee and Bolt, rolling out their models for public use. It is personally one of the means of transport that I prefer for its fun side. It is also a real freedom.

Bolt currently works out the cheapest of the three and has the largest range. Tuul is noteworthy in being all-Estonian – the scooters themselves are Estonian-made, as well as the app. To use the electric scooter, you must register on the corresponding application. Then you will have a view of the different scooters that are available in the city. Then all you have to do is choose a scooter on the application, and scan the code on the scooter.

Bolt : Cheapest unlocking fee at €0.50. Furthest range, as far as Viimsi and Peetri, both outside Tallinn city limits. 15-minute ride will cost around €2.75. Maximum cost in a day – €15. New Ninebot MAX replaced its old fleet from last year. Says it hopes to expand its range over summer.

Tuul : Unlocking fee of €1, after discount during launch days. Smaller range than Bolt but still covers the city center (Kesklinn), Kalamaja, Kristiine, Mustamäe and Haabersti to the west of the city center, Pirita to the east and Ülemiste to the south. 15-minute ride costs around €3.25. The all-Estonian company, including scooter manufacture, which makes use of recyclable materials.

Prime.Bike/Bird : Unlocking fee of €1. Slightly smaller range than the others, covering the city center, Kristiine and Kalamaja, but not Mustamäe or Haabersti. 15-minute ride costs about €3.25. Operates in more than 100 cities in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

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