Discover Riga

Discover Riga

I continue my excursion in the Baltic States. For this reason I am heading a little further south in Latvia to take a tour of the capitals of the Baltic countries. Riga is a larger capital with an interesting history. Riga is the largest city in the Baltic States.

To get around Tallinn and Riga, or between Riga and Vilnius, it is easily possible to take the bus. This is the most direct way. For a very affordable price, it is possible to travel between these capitals over a period of 4 to 5 hours. The bus is even the best way because the train is not direct to make the connection.

The historic city center of Riga is very pretty and very impressive. Although the city is quite large, it has a transport network combining bus and tram. The historic city center can be reached on foot. Apart from the high quality historic buildings in the city center, there are many parks, which makes the whole very pleasant and more peaceful.

For the rest, there are not big differences between the Baltic countries, which means that the operating mode remains the same. Lots of scooters in the streets, a peaceful historic town center, parks, cafes and restaurants. Once again, these capitals are often overlooked but nevertheless offer a good quality of life and many interesting things to see.

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