Taipei 101

Taipei 101

During my first time in Taipei, i did not go up Taipei 101, the amazing tower in the center of Taipei, second highest building in the world. This time i wanted to not miss that so i decided to pay a ticket to go to the observatory. The tower is really amazing, when you are on the ground and you take a glance up to the tower it is crazy how it is so high. It is just to have vertigos. Great experience, the view from the observatory is just amazing. One more Taiwan is not very known, but second highest tower and an amazing design.

Taipei is 101 is the second largest building in the world. This is probably reason enough to visit it. It’s a marvel of engineering and architecture. Spanning 101 floors above ground level at 508 meters above sea level, the building was conceived as a symbol of the evolution of technology fused with the Asian tradition. The building has many Chinese and Asian elements mixed with a postmodern style and is designed to withstand typhoons and earthquakes in Taiwan. In addition to the tower, the base of the building houses a multi-level shopping center, a food court, several restaurants, numerous shops and an international grocery store. The double-deck lifts at Taipei 101 set a record in 2004 at 60.6 km / h, bringing visitors to the observation deck at the top in just 37 seconds. The ticket price for the observatory can be booked online. The benefits of booking the ticket online include a discount and not having to wait long to buy the ticket

You can buy a ticket in the mall for 600 USD to access the observation deck and museum, where visitors can learn more about this technical and architectural marvel, as well as discover visu shock absorber mass located at heart of the tower that prevents the building from swaying. It’s a fascinating technology, and visitors are allowed to look closely.

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