Back for travel in Taiwan

After many months i’m back travelling and share my experiences. I started again a new trip in Taiwan. I have already known Taiwan, but i didn’t make everything. For this reason i wanted to continue in Taiwan from Taipei and to see a part of West Coast because last time i saw west Coast. So i decided to spend few day in Taipei before to explore a part of the west coast and then to come back to the Kaohsiung, one of my prefered city in Asia. August is not the best season in Taiwan, but fortunately for me, i started the trip with an amazing weather, very hopt but also very sunny.

Taiwan is definitely a great place to stay in Asia, people are nice and friendly, the cities are clean and convenient, great coffees. It is also a very safe place, it is really pleasant to walk in Taiwan. The public transportation is really amazing. It is very convenient to move in Taipei with all the subway lines. It is also great to move in the country with the train or high speed train. Everytime that we need to make and excursion in the countryside, we can find easily a convenient bus. This is also that i like in Taiwan, it is so convenient and safe to move in the country.

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