Taichung is the third largest city in the country, located along the west coast of Taiwan and is widely regarded as the meeting place of Taiwanese cultures. I spend one week in Taichung. It is different of Taipei because we see that the city is not really a touristic place. In fact i was almost the only western guy walking in the city. It was little strange but when the environment is good like this it is not a problem. Accomodation is cheaper than Taipei. There are not subway in Taichung but it is building and normally in 2020 they will open the subway system. I think that with the subway system it will be just amazing to explore better the city. For the rest it was a good experience see this city, after Taipei and Kaohsiung. One more time, even if i was almost the only western guy, never i felt unsafe because Taiwan is so safe and it is a pleasure to be in this environment.

Taichung is an ideal place to explore not only the interesting and unique culture of central Taiwan but also an ideal place to explore the places of southern Taiwan. To cross the country from Taipei to Kaohsiung by express train, it is easy to stop in Taichung. The climate of Taichung is reputed to be the most stable in Taiwan. Taichung is probably one of the most welcoming cities. People here are very friendly with tourists and it is not uncommon to make new friends on the way. The surrounding countryside is home to some of the best trails for short hikes and, at any time of your stay in town, you are never more than half an hour away from hiking. The nearby coast is also a great place to visit the Gaomei Wetlands, one of the most popular places for an evening stroll. These wetlands are home to an incredible number of wildlife, and the trails that crisscross the area facilitate access.

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