Beitou hot springs in Taipei

I went to Beitou for half a day and can come back regularly. It’s a nice place. I was able to swim in one of the hot springs. Once again, a little on the outskirts, it is very easy to reach this place since the tram on the red line makes it possible to go to Beitou.

Famous hot spring home in the Taipei area, Beitou is the most convenient area for travelers visiting Taipei to enjoy authentic hot springs. During the Japanese occupation, the area around the natural hot springs was developed to become a pleasant destination and a seaside resort comprising inns, hotels, tea rooms, parks and public baths. Due to its immense popularity, a train line and a train station have been built to attract visitors to enjoy the area. The area around Xinbeitou Station is filled with several public and private baths. Each bathroom may have a different label and general rules. Be sure to check the rules before entering the bathroom. Private hot springs in the Beitou area are very popular, so it is advisable to book a private room in advance for convenience when traveling. Each bath may have rules regarding gender separation, whether or not bathers are allowed to wear clothing, and other regulations such as those pertaining to food and beverages.

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