Sapporo best city visited for quality of life

Sapporo best city visited for quality of life

Clear and clean buildings, not a paper in the streets, daily exhibitions in the subway between Odori station and Sapporo station like Bonsai, chrysanthemum, paintings. Well-behaved people and shops that offer products of impressive quality. Of course, it takes a little money, however it is accessible when we do it well.

If you are looking for a place to live with a huge quality of life in Asia, I advise you to go to Sapporo. Japan, in general, is renowned for its quality of life. However Sapporo is really the city that impressed me the most in terms of quality of life. Perhaps because the climate is colder than elsewhere. In any case of all the cities that I saw from Asia but also from Asia, Sapporo is the city with by far the best city quality.

I went to Sapporo by chance even though I wanted to go to Hokkaido. Although Japan often surprises in terms of quality, I was even more surprised when I arrived in the city. Let’s start already at Chitose airport. Sapporo is the 5th largest city in Japan and the airport is beautiful, big, wide, upscale shopping, one level of a capital. You can even visit a chocolate factory and go to the fish shop.

It’s the cleanest city I’ve seen in my life. It’s nickel, the aisles are wide, there are no bins in the streets and there are no papers either. It’s a pleasure to walk there. There is no less serviced neighborhood, each neighborhood is of excellent quality.

The river that runs through the center of the city has an exceptional layout, it’s wide with pleasant alleys, impressive views and even tennis courts that can be improvised. To this we can add many beautiful gardens. If you want to rest and contemplate, it is easy to find green spaces. What impresses me in this city is the feeling of breathing and feeling calm. Unlike Osaka and Tokyo, the streets are never really crowded, but much more airy.

For the rest, lots of shops, regular exhibitions, high quality amenities, respect and a good place to walk and cycle. Japan is obviously expensive, but the quality of life proposed here is largely justified. And do not forget that food is cheap too.

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