Let’s discover Tainan

Let’s discover Tainan

Back to Taiwan to find some heat. Taiwan, a place that I am starting to know more and more. I had toured the main places, and I had seen several cities but I missed Tainan. So I took a direct flight from Sapporo to Kaoshiung, you even have direct flights between Asian city like that which are not capital cities, so this is an advantage. Direction Tainan, easily accessible by Train from Kaohsiung in 45 minutes.

Tainan is the ancient capital of Taiwan, this city is famous for having the largest number of temples to visit. It is also a city that represents the culture of Taiwan. The small disadvantage of Tainan is that there is no subway, however there is a good bus network and the possibility of taking T-Bike, self-service bikes Tainan.

The city is actually more traditional than the cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung, which are more modern international lives. They thus emerge a sense of historical Taiwan and simplicity. There are several interesting neighborhoods to see. It is definitely a city not to be missed in Taiwan.

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