One month in Jomtien beach

One month in Jomtien beach

A month and a half in Jomtien. Once again, I come back to one of the places where I feel good, the Jomtien beach near Pattaya in Thailand. I think i stayed in this building last year most than any other accomodation during the last year. I have a certain number of habits there and especially I have my standard accommodation which I find regularly. When you travel and work online, it’s good to have habits, it gives you day structures, it allows you to be efficient, and at the same time to enjoy life in a place.

My daily life often consists of work in the morning in my pleasant apartment with sea view, swimming pool and gym. Some days, I stay in 1 km2 because I have one of my favorite cafes, and everything I need to live quietly. The cost of living, although more expensive than years ago, remains modest. My daily life is mixed between working online in a context that I love, pleasant cafes, nice little restaurants, a few night parties, relaxation along the pool, and new ideas to work on my online business.

Life seems easy to create when you work from your computer. Finally, what more could you ask for, a nice little apartment, the sea next to it, some nice cafes, a warm climate. What others things to ask for a simple life. This is simple life without to spend to much money, without to be dependant of material things. Why bother when you can live as simply as what I do. It’s a free life. It’s not necessarily great every day, but there are many things that you can only find in what I do, freedom, a life out of the ordinary, the discovery of new cultures.

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