Kaohsiung best place for sunset

Kaohsiung best place for sunset

You have places where you can watch the sunset. What is impressive is that before this place, I had never taken the time in my life to watch a sunset from start to finish. It is one of the advantages of traveling, observing and having time for yourself. Indeed I discovered a great place in Kaohsiung to watch the sunset. There are probably many others elsewhere, but this is one of the places I chose to do it.

Several times during this stay in Kaohsiung, during the dry season, the weather is good almost every day. This means that it is possible to see the sunset regularly. This place is located in the district of Gushan, the district that I prefer of the city, quieter, at the edge of the water, the mountains in the background. About every other evening, I walk around this place to rest for an hour and admire the sunset.

There are several places to observe it, it can be the place, the port or even the mountain, the place I prefer is located along the coast near the beach. There are sinners there who finally have the chance to observe this every day in the same place. I enjoy going around this district regularly. I indeed take a T-bike from the city and I can walk freely in the surroundings. It is also next to this place that I can land regularly in one of my favorite cafes, a Startbucks with one floor, quiet, and an impressive view of the harbor in the evening.

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