Kaohsiung Street Center

Kaohsiung Street Center

Kaoshiung has one of the most popular places for street art. There are indeed several neighborhoods entirely devoted to street art and I can say that these are real works that have been made by artists. Whether it is paintings on the walls or constructions of all kinds, it is one of my favorite neighborhoods of the city, calm with all these decorations.

Indeed Kaohsiung’s city government not only encourages street art, it also organizes local events and workshops. The Bureau of Cultural Affairs’ policy is to promote public art and the art of the public. Kaohsiung Street Art Festival, a project which is slowly splashing color across the city, and earning it a reputation as one of the best cities in Asia for street art.

The first major sanctioned space in downtown Kaohsiung was Pier 2 Art Center. Heavy investment and a central location have caused it to emerge as one of the most popular tourist attractions. From busy trading port to rundown docklands to hangout hipster, Pier 2 is a fantastic example of urban regeneration, and today it’s a space where people want to spend time. Pier 2 is a polished shop and cycle paths, shops, galleries and exhibition halls. The industrial railroad, which passed through the area of ​​open-air museum and public art is scattered everywhere. In a key part of the project, Pier 2 gave local street artists a legal space in which to paint and the huge walls of the canvas.

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