Arrived in Taiwan

Arrived in Taiwan

Arrived in Taiwan for my new destination. Seoul was not bad. But Seoul was quite expensive and especially I did not have the opportunity to see other places than the capital. It was better to go to another destination. Taiwan was on my list since I meti stopped at Taipei airport at the end of August.

So I took a flight from Seoul to Kaohsiung. I have not been directly to the capital Taipei. So I chose the city of Kaohsiung located in the south of Taiwan. A little tired by the giant agglomerations and the world in Seoul and Osaka, I wanted to go to a quieter place while having easy access to housing, and wifi in the cafes.I do not know how much time stayed here but after only two weeks in Seoul I think to stay at least a month and see after December what to do.

Kaoshiung is a important city, but you can find nature not to far. People are friendly. It is a small mixture between Japan and Thailand. What is ageable is to be in an almost tropical climate is not to have all the negative points of Thailand. In consequence it is nice to be there. I wanted to find again the view of the ocean and be closer to nature. Here there are  walks along the coast and in the hills to do and the city is at the edge of the ocean although most of it is a huge port.

Cost of life is very interesting for the food, the transport and other daily things. But it is not easy to find really cheap accomodation.

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