How to go to Pattaya from Bangkok

How to go to Pattaya from Bangkok

About 150 kilometers separate Bangkok from Pattaya, but the journey time between these two cities depends on traffic. In general, it takes a maximum of 2 hours outside peak hours. However, the journey may be longer at some point.

To reach Pattaya from Bangkok there are several possibilities. It is quite easy to reach by bus Pattaya and you can take the bus from several places ie from Suvarnabhumi airport. You can arrive at this airport and directly go to Pattaya. If you are visiting Bangkok or coming from another part of Thailand, you will probably be in central Bangkok. In this case it is also possible to take the bus to Ekkaimai station or to Mochit station.

There are three ways to get to Pattaya:

  • The bus
  • The minibus
  • The taxi

I advise you to take the bus for the simple reason that this is the most economical way, in fact you will pay about 120 baht to do. In addition it will be good quality buses with air conditioning. There are many connections during the day. From Suvarnabhumi Airport you will have connections almost every hour. On the other hand you must understand that there is no fixed time and that all bus places must be filled before leaving. If a bus is not full the start will be delayed. Generally buses are quickly full, so in some cases you can wait for the next one.

From Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is on the road leading directly to Pattaya. Starting from there you will save time because you will avoid some of Bangkok’s traffic jams. You can expect travel time to be around 90 minutes.

To go to the counter and buy a ticket at the airport, you have to go at level 1, gate 8 of the arrival hall. It will therefore be necessary to go down to the first level. You will not miss the counter because it is clearly indicated. Difficult also to not find the bus because the buses have the inscription Pattaya above.

The bus will drop you off at Pattaya bus station and can also drop you off at the terminus in Jomtien. This is one of the advantages of taking the bus to the airport, being able to go directly to Jomtien without stopping at the bus station. So if you want to stay in Jomtien and you rent an apartment it is interesting to take the bus from the airport.

If you take the taxi, while the official meter price is 1050 baht, you will probably have to pay more. Of course, you can always negotiate a price with the driver before leaving the airport to get a preferential rate, especially during off-peak periods. Getting out of the airport at the departures level is also a good tip. Taxis drop off passengers at this level and generally have few people to take care of. If you take a taxi there, you will save some money.

From the center of Bangkok to Pattaya

Buses are considerably cheaper than taxis to get from Bangkok center to Pattaya and I also advise you to take the bus. Regular service is offered between the two cities. Thanks to the different buses provided every day, you should not have any trouble getting a ticket. For this you have to go to the bus station of Bangkok, then arrive directly at the bus station of Pattaya.

So you can find a bus at Ekkamai station, it is the bus station dedicated to transport to the east of the country. You can reach Ekkamai by the sky train going down to this station. There you will find many buses that depart every 30 minutes from 05:20 to 23:20 and cost around 120 baht.

You can also find buses from Bangkok to Pattaya from Mochit Station. This station will be accessible by bus number 1 from Don Mueang Airport.

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