Discover Tallin

Discover Tallin

Back on a trip again after a difficult period. I had to go on an adventure and live new experiences. For this reason I chose Estonia and its capital Tallinn as my destination. Let’s discover Baltic countries. It is a pleasant place for the summer season since the days are long and the weather is mild. So I discovered this city halfway between Scandinavia and Russia. When the weather is nice in summer, the weather is ideal because it is neither too hot nor cold, so you can navigate easily with a pleasant climate. It does happen to rain, but there can be many beautiful days with sunshine and a temperature of 25 degrees, all in long days, ideal. It remains the northern countries, which means that there can quickly be afternoons at just 17-18 degrees.

We feel that this is European culture, but there are still some differences. One of the major attractions of the city is its historic center which is simply magnificent. If you want to experience the beauty of Europe’s historic buildings in a healthy and relaxed atmosphere, you will be served. It is possible to walk for hours on foot in the historic center, it is so pleasant to walk.

The capital Tallinn in summer is definitely a destination of choice, probably little known, but which is of enormous interest. Far from mass tourism and problems, a city on a human scale with all its attractiveness and serenity. I can say that Tallinn is a very pleasant place for both travelers and people who want to settle down longer during the summer season. Long days, a pleasant temperature, visits, a good quality of life and many places to breathe.

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