Three best coffee chain in Bangkok

Three best coffee chain in Bangkok

Here i compare three of the most important coffee chain in Bangkok. But also available in other places in Thailand.


Starsbucks coffee

It’s the big, and certainly the most trendy in Thailand. In general, I find the staff at Starbucks very friendly and the cafes very good. However a bit expensive for a coffee …

A medium-sized cappuccino will cost you 95 Baht. Go ahead and expect to pay 120 Baht.

The cakes are a bit expensive too, with basic muffins at 65 Baht, and a piece of strawberry cheesecake at 95 baht. You will have some sofas to sit, depending on the location, otherwise it will stay on the typical wooden chairs.


Black Canyon Coffee

Black Canyon has a unique place on the market because it offers a full menu of food, doubling as a restaurant of sorts. It is therefore interesting to ask and then to eat.

It is rather elegant, with many rooms offering huge comfortable chairs and a flat screen TV. Most chairs are also upholstered. Black Canyon is probably the cheapest commercial chain for drinks. They also have a good choice of food. For 85 baht you get an ice cream mocha, and you can eat a nice dish like fish steak, french fries and salad for less than 200 baht. Thai food here is not bad either, although naturally more expensive than roadside restaurants.


World Cafe

Coffee World gives us the impression of an independent café with a more unique style.

The drinks in the coffee world are about the same price as Starbucks, but can be more expensive on larger sizes and more exquisite products like Shacha Green Tea Shake with whipped cream, which comes to 140 baht.

The cakes also run over 110 Baht on more refined themes, although a chocolate almond brownie is a reasonable 55 Baht. The coffee here is good without being exceptional. The rooms are comfortable.

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