Tainan Chihkan Tower

Tainan Chihkan Tower

Pleasant to visit in Tainan, Chihkan Tower also called Fort Provintia. It is easy to navigate in Tainan and to fall on hystory places. This one of the place of interest to not miss in Tainan. Affordable price like all places t visit in Taiwan with just 50 $ NT, that is just around 1,50$. Located in the center of Tainan, easy to reach the place by foot, bike or again bus. The place is interested to visit.

In 1653, the 7th year of Emperor Yongli’s reign in the Ming dynasty, Dutch invaders built Fort Provintia in southern Taiwan, across an inland sea from Fort Zeelandia in Anping. The Dutch made Fort Zeelandia the center of their colonial power, and Fort Provintia a hub of administrative and commercial activities.

    Fort Provintia comprises three square-shaped bases joined to one another; upon each perches a Western-style structure. The walls are made of red bricks as the main material and a mixture of water, sugar, glutinous rice and oyster shells as the adhesive, for durability that has lasted more than 300 years, as exemplified by the remains of thick walls and arches.
A phenomenal structure with upturned eaves and red tiles, Chihkan Tower has proved to be versatile over more than three centuries: it was a Western castle when Taiwan was under Dutch rule, a Chinese-style pagoda in the Qing Dynasty, an army hospital for the Japanese colonists, and currently a museum testifying to the past glory.


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