Stockholm in winter

Stockolm in winter it is also a particular climate. In Stockholm longer than expected I was not necessarily prepared for winter. After mild weather, the real cold of Scandinavia has arrived for a Swedish capital entirely under the snow with regular temperatures ranging between -10 ° and -15 °. With these temperatures the weather is sunny and the snow is constant. Fortunately the city is equipped and all transport functions normally with the vagaries of the climate. Although in town, one of the advantages of this situation is to observe magnificent landscapes under the snow. The streets are also completely snow covered, which gives a special charm. The day begins to gradually increase with more hours of brightness.

One of the most beautiful views in the city. It is an observatory which is located in the center. It is an hill in the city center. Observatorielunden is a green oasis only a stone’s throw from the throbbing pulse of Drottninggatan. There is an observatory in the park that goes back to the 1700s. One wing, from the end of the nineteenth century, contains Kafé Himlavalvet, known for its delicious waffles and toppings from a special waffle menu.

Staying in Stockholm

In Stockholm for weeks. Stockholm was not my first choice when traveling, but with these days I spend the winter there. One of the advantages is that I already knew the surroundings after having been here in a better season. The days are very short with 5 to 6 hours of daylight during the day. The climate is cold but not that much because it is softened by the proximity of the sea. It is therefore not the best time to visit.

You can still enjoy the cafes and this allows you to work efficiently every day on your financial goals. Living in the city center, the cost of living is indeed high, but we adapt over time. Suddenly, with too many opportunities to go to the Swedish countryside in these times, we are content with the city of Stockholm and have time to work.

Although the city remains important, it is possible to do the whole of the center on foot, which is a positive point, in fact you don’t necessarily need to take the metro. Sweden allows to continue in a daily life with few restrictions, and it also allows me to work on visas as well. I enjoyed Eastern Europe very much but these latter countries did not allow me to work on a visa for certain countries, this is the main reason why I came here.


Stockholm, also called in swedish, the beauty on the water, is a royal capital built on 14 islands, all connected between them by many bridge very well developed. It is probably the most known of all the scandinavian Capital. It is a very cosmopolitan capital and you will see people from all the horizons. On these bridges we can everywhere contemplate the beauty of the buildings. And he is important to press on the importance of the water in this place, because it is one of the main raison of the charm of the city. It is a modern city in an idyllic archipelageo, very alive at the same time that it is also quiet. In fact it is very easy in few minutes to reach the country side, or simply to reach the green area just beside the city center like Djugarden, which is a real green lung in the city.To move in Stockholm, you have the subway and the bus. You can also make a part of the city center walking. Many excursions are possible around Stockholm for a day. It is great to explore in one side the islands of the archipelageo, or in the other side, to explore the Malaren lake.

Best things to do in Stokholm

Gamla Stan

The old town (Gamla Stan) is the historic center of Stockholm. It stretches on the island of Stadsholmen and the islets of Riddarholmen, Helgeandsholmen and Strömsborg. It dates back to the 13th century, but most of the buildings present today are from the 18th and 19th centuries. It is a superb mix of cobbled streets and alleys, pastel colored buildings, which open onto squares whose architecture is most interesting. Many souvenir shops can be found there, as well as many restaurants and other charming cafes.

The Grand Place (Stortorget) is the center of the old town. All major attractions of the island are nearby, the Baroque Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet) and the Royal Chapel (Storkyrkan) at the corner of the street.

You can spend half a day wandering the small streets of Gamla Stan.


The Royal Park Djurgarden is a huge park located in the heart of the Scandinavian capital. It is an ideal destination if you are looking for a spot of nature to walk around, and it’s right next to the city center.

Djurgården is a kind of ecopark. It is a 27 km2 protected area between Stockholm and the surrounding cities.

Located in the east of the city center, the Royal Park Djurgården is easily accessible by foot, boat, bus or tram. A true tourist attraction, it attracts nearly 10 million people every year.

Verdant, calm, relaxing, the island of Djurgården is an ideal place for walkers or people who wish to relax while staying in Stockholm. It is really a pleasure to walk in this place, and so relaxing. It’s hard to believe that the vibrant city center is right next to it.


Located on the island of Djurgården and close to the Vasa museum, Skansen offers a fascinating look into historical Swedish life. With over 100 reconstructed farms and houses from different parts of Sweden, you can explore five centuries of Swedish history, from the north to the south of the country. Stroll through the historic buildings and meet the local characters working such as farmers, carpenters, bakers and more.Not only can you see how the Swedish people of the past lived and worked, but see many species of Scandinavian animals, from traditional farm-bred animals to wild animals such as wolverines, bears, lynx, wolves, bison and more, there’s plenty of creatures and critters to meet. There is also the Children’s zoo – perfect for little and big kids! The museum shop sells traditional crafts and new Swedish design.


On the island of Djugarden, you will find also the Vasamuseet, grouping an imposing warship of the Swedish Crown. The museum retraces the vessel, reconstructed in its entirety as well as the historical context.


Stadshuset, the town hall

The Stockholm City Hall can be seen from far enough, with its 106-meter high square tower and its flamboyant red bricks. Quite recent, it is here that takes place every year the award of the Nobel prizes. To see: the golden hall and its walls covered with 18 million shards of glass and gold, and the superb panoramic view at the top.


Kaknästornet is the Stockholm tv-tower. It is also a great spot of 155 meter high with the best view of Stockholm, day and night, summer and winter, rain or shine, offering a unique environment. Best place to have the point of view of all the city and the archipelageo.

Drottninggatan shopping street

One of Stockholm’s most popular streets is Drottninggatan. This pedestrian street is located in the downtown area of Stockholm, running north to south along 2 kilometers. There are many shops and boutiques along this street. Most of them are the type that can be found in any Swedish shopping center. H&M, Zara, JC, Stadium, Body Shop, etc. Besides shopping, it is also a nice street to stroll on and a good way to cross quickly through the city on foot.


The Swede is a person of taste, and as such, he never fails to take a fika. Fika is to stop during a day in a coffee to eat something an to rest for a while. The formula is simple: a hot drink accompanied by a pastry, kanelbullar (cinnamon bread), morotskaka (carrot cake) or prinsessatarta (cream cake covered with marzipan) for example. Also comes in salty, possibly.

Boat tour

The fact that Stockholm is built on 14 beautiful islands connected by 57 bridges, makes a sightseeing tour by boat somewhat of a given. Stay aboard for the whole tour or hop on and off as you please.You will be able to have a great view from the boat and to see the different bridges and islands connected.


Sweden, country of the lakes

Sweden is a very large country covered by many lakes and water. We can count almost 100 000 lakes in Sweden with different size and deepth. The lakes take part of a beautiful nature, with the big forests of firs, the hills and large plain. The most famous lakes are Vattern, Vanern and Malaren. It is also the three biggest in Sweeden.

The make a trip across the country and to see the lakes is great to every season. In fact during the winter, the places will be totally peacefull, and the painting that you will see just beautiful. Everythings is covered by the snow, the water is frozen, and often under the colorful sun rays.
In summer it is great places to hike and also to enjoy water activities. Artificial beaches have been built there to be able to enjoy the shore during the sweetness of summer.


Lake Vannern

This massive lake stretches for as much as 5,665 square kilometers and this makes it the largest lake not only in Sweden but also the Europe. This lake was formed because of quaternary glaciations and this phenomenon took place almost 10,000 years ago.

The kind of view which you can get of the lake is so mesmerizing that tourists in large number gather close to marvel it. Along with this, there are endless activities to entertain tourists.  Not only this, it is also the largest freshwater archipelago in the whole of Europe.

When exploring the lake, you can also enjoy the sandy beaches, the little islands, and even shallow bays as well. For those who would like to keep themselves busy with the different activities, you can go for sailing, biking, canoeing and even fishing.

Lake Vattern


Famous for its placid water, Lake Vättern ranks the second largest lake in Sweden and is an ideal place for summer vacation. The total surface area covers 1,912 km2. It is situated in the south central Sweden known as Götaland.
It is widely popular for its crystal clear water. The water is pure and does not require treatment before drinking. Anyone can drink the lake water directly without fear. The scenic beauty of Vättern is well appreciated by the locals and international visitors. If you like visiting historical places, probably you can go see the castle of Läckö Slott.
Tourists are allowed to fish without permissions, provided they don’t use fishing nets. There is an array fish, pike, perch, salmon, grayling and brown trout are some common species. The massive lake can be explored for hours on a boat. If you want to go around, don’t miss the scenic island of Visingsö.  Exploit the resources in a sunny afternoon or go on sailing. Swimming is another option to beat the heat.

Lake Malaren

It is the third largest lake in the country of Sweden and it spreads horizontally from the west to the east giving tourists an unparalleled view of the scenic beauty of the place. Those who want to head to private islands and spend some time in solitude with your partner, this lake is perfect for you.

With as many as 1,200 islands that dot the shoreline, you will have an amazing number of options to pick from. If you are up for some bird viewing, you can witness some of the most beautiful birds like the lesser black-backed gull, the herring gull, white-tailed eagle, sea hawk, the barnacle goose and so on.

Lake Storjon


This lake stretches for an area of 464 square kilometers and the meaning of the word ‘Storsjon’ is ‘the great lake’.  There is a mythical story associated with it as Storsjoodjuret was actually the name of a monster and it is believed that the battle of Storsjon was fought right near this lake, back in 1178.

You can find various different varieties of fish near the lake as fishing is an optional activity here. You will also find four different conservation areas for the fishes in this lake. Ideally, this lake is apt for simply chilling and unwinding yourself while relishing the perfect beauty of this European country.

Lake Hjlmaren

It is fourth largest lake which should be in your list of lakes for relaxing in summer. The region is dominated by lime-rich clays and Archaean rocks. Hjälmaren is surrounded by Södermanland, Närke, and Västmanland. The surface area covers about 483 km².
Hjälmaren is located in the Central Swedish lowland, near Lake Mälaren. The temperature is pleasant in summer. From May to August you can expect a good weather with comfortable warmth. The lake is less crowded, which makes it ideal if you want to enjoy your vacation peacefully and away from the public.