Rommaninat Park Bangkok

Rommaninat Park Bangkok


An excursion to the rommaninat park in Bangkok. After several trips, I decide to take regular walks over a time lapse of 2 to 3 hours, or even times of half a day. The goal is not to visit intensively, but to make excursions from time to time to interesting places. I look at a map and discover potential places.


This park is small compared to the big parks in Bangkok. It is interesting because it is located in the historic city center of Bangkok, all close to the Sam Yot station on the metro line. Nearby, it is possible to see the most important monuments of Bangkok. A charming little park with an outdoor gym, but also some interesting statues. Obviously, many locals who come to do their jogging and their sport. In the surroundings, there are the traditional Thai districts, far from the high buildings of the lively districts.


Rommaninat Park is built on the site of what was the notorious Klong Prem Central prison. Klong Prem Central prison was established in 1944 and developed into the prison where Thailand’s worst offenders, including prisoners awaiting execution, were housed. By 1960 this small city centre site became very overcrowded and Klong Prem Central prison was moved to a new location in the north of the city. The Maha Chai Road facility re-purposed to become Bangkok Remand Centre. Eventually this facility also outlived it usefulness and most, but not all, of the prison building were demolished and a park was created in 1992. Rommaninat Park is now a wonderful green space in an otherwise very built up part of Bangkok. The only reminders of the very unpleasant prison that once existed there are two observation towers, a section of the old prison walls and the adjacent Corrections Museum.

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