Rayong is a small city located in the south east of Thailand. It is a small coastal town of nearly 50,000 inhabitants. Far from mass tourism, it is a very quiet town where foreigners are rare. Ideal for getting out of the crowd but too calm if you want a bit of activity.

Located 50 km southeast of Pattaya, Rayong is a quiet alternative for a stopover or to stay a little longer. The seaside is very little urbanized, which gives it a special charm. On the other hand, it is not here that you can swim because it is very difficult to find a real beach in rayong.

The city structure is based on a main axis that crosses the whole city lengthwise. You have about 2 km on the right and 2 km on the left of this axis for the urbanization of the city. Very quickly we enter the Thai countryside. From the city center, the coast is about 3 km from the center. There are two large Shopping Malls to sit down, eat, and buy lots of things.

My opinion for anyone who has stayed there for a while is that it’s a nice place to be quiet and not really see a stranger. Nice little cafes, and traditional waterfront and a simple Thai town. On the other hand, it is difficult to communicate in English and one can feel a little isolated. It is also much more complicated to have access to housing due to a low supply for foreigners or tourists. The seafront is nice but it lacks a nice beach and more cafe and restaurant to really appreciate this area. Pleasant city that may appeal to some and not appeal to others

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