My new accomodation in Thailand for two weeks

My new accomodation in Thailand for two weeks

This is my new home for two weeks in Thailand. I was tired of the city of Bangkok, totally filled with people. I do not stay there for a month. At the same time, I did not want to fly back or take a 10-hour bus ride to an isolated place. And I really need a regular internet connection because at the moment I value the work and not the visits. I found accommodation in Pattaya Jomtien beach, a seaside resort located only 1h30 from Bangkok by bus, accessible by bus directly from the airport so convenient. Hundreds and hundreds of cheap housing, which more during the low season. The heart of this city is one of the most ‘sordid’ or ‘crazy’ places in Thailand and probably the world. Lately for months my apartment is located away from the crowds along Jomtien Square. Much quieter with more ‘normal’ people.

Here, for 200 € for 16 nights, I have an apartment of 30 m2 in a recent residence, with a swimming pool on the roof, the beach 500 meters. It was rather a good opportunity to have a nice accommodation for an attractive price.
I do not go so much to the pool or the beach, but from time to time it’s nice.
I did not come across a very friendly owner, Slovenian. In these apartments, normally you have to give a deposit that can be from 3000 bath to 10 000 baths (70 € to 250 €). He did not ask me for a deposit, because he thought I was a good guy and I trusted him. A very nice owner.
The apartment is nice. But it is a favorite place for Russian tourists. So you are surrounded by Russians when you see strangers.

I have 10 days left and I still have no idea of ​​my future place. I only have one month tourist visa here so I have to leave on the 20th.

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